Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Dance

Attending an opening reception of an art exhibit as an artist is much like a dance. You really have to be there and follow the lead of the crowd. As an artist I view an opening as an opportunity to meet potential clients, other artists, see family and friends, and to be a saleswoman. But, how do you sell your own work when you're in someone else's gallery and there are over 400 artists there?

It's tricky and I certainly don't know the answer yet. But, what I'm learning to do is dance around the room, finding different spots to observe people viewing my work and finding an opportunity to strike up conversation with them. It's difficult because on one hand you don't want to appear intrusive, but on the other hand you want them to know the artist is here which is why galleries have receptions.

The opening of Small Works at NYU on Saturday was jam-packed with both artists and patrons of the arts. There must have been over 500 people in attendance over the four-hour span and my work was in a small, front room. We were like sardines in that little room. Fortunately, my work was on the end of a wall, next to a corner, so for a period of time I stood next to my painting to try to casually interact with viewers. Most people are pretty responsive and I'm realizing I have to be more forward about letting them know I'm the artist. Small Works was a lively opening showcasing fabulous work, none would I have excluded from this stupendous show. I'm really proud to have been included. Go to my previous blog entries for information about the show if you didn't get to the opening.

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