Friday, January 26, 2007

Painting to Paul Simon

I'm finding it harder and harder to discipline myself to studio time. As an emerging artist, I spend probably more than 50% of my work marketing myself. When you know you need to get press releases out, write blogs, finish a web site, apply to shows and contact potential clients, my time quickly disappears. It's also hard to get involved in a painting when the phone rings and the computer is next door. The challenges of trying to make it.

Yesterday I had some time to get in my studio and paint. I've had some stained panels waiting to be painted for a month. I have three, 8" x 12" MDF (medium density fibreboard) panels that were stained with a cadmium red (almost a primary red). I had cut them to a more vertical format with the intent of doing a trio of Neapolitan gelato paintings. So I began the first of the three yesterday. I put on Paul Simon's greatest hits, loud, and felt myself go into another world. Listening to Simon's catchy rhythmic style loosens up my technique and allows my painting to flow. It's amazing that music can have such an effect on how I paint.

I painted for a little over an hour and here is the result. It's not done yet, there's still more detail to add; highlights, shadows. I'm trying to keep the painting loose, light, expressive. It's gelato!

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