Monday, February 26, 2007


There are so many marketing opportunities available for emerging artists, it's a matter of finding them and choosing channels that work for you. Mostly through a magazine called Art Calendar and through networking I've found ways of getting my name out on the web. Artists in Sussex County, NJ are very supportive of one another and very welcoming. It's a great community to be a part of. Through joining the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council, I've met over forty artists and have found exhibit opportunities.

Sometimes you get connected with people, and you forget how the connection was made. I've been on a mailing list for BUZZ Arts Guide for several months. It's a terrific e-newsletter and online event listing/directory for arts in Northeastern PA and Northen New Jersey; there is so much going on! I recently asked BUZZ's publisher, artist Christine Griffin, her aims for BUZZ. She said, "BUZZ is the most recent permutation of my work as an artist, my livelihood as a saleswoman, and my passion as an educator. BUZZ came from my quest to unite, coalesce, and reaffirm the talent and natural beauty of the region my friends and I call home. For me, BUZZ has been an introduction to a fascinating wealth of ever expanding experiences; new people, new ideas, new energy, all in familiar and beautiful places........."

I recently received a notification from BUZZ announcing its plans to publish a printed guide aimed at distribution to SE NYState, NEPA northwest to Scranton and southwest to Reading,
NNJ ( Sussex and Wayne), and the arts districts of urban Phila and NYC. BUZZ offered an opportunity to be listed in the print publication, their online site and have the opportunity to list special events all for $45. I am encouraged by Christine's passion and devotion to this project and see this as another way to get my name out and also have another viable link to my web site.

Go to BUZZ online to see my listing and to find out what arts are going on in the region. You can also subscribe to the e-newsletter online.

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