Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Web Site Complete!

Ahhhh -- it's been a very long wait, but well worth it I think. I am pleased to announce that is officially complete! Of course a web site is always a work in progress and in order to be found by search engines it needs to constantly be changing. So it will never be done. Thank you to Wendy Theberge, the "speed demon" of web site design who finished my site in a flash. You can look at her work at And, thank you to Jothan Cashero who did all of the initial design work and got TraillWorks rolling online.

New to the site are the HomeWorks, CardWorks, SpecialWorks, and LessonWorks pages. You can browse through a portfolio of tiles I've created, read about how to develop your own unique set of note cards of my paintings, learn how I work with clients in developing custom work and find out about private lessons.

In addition, the events page has been updated with current and upcoming exhibitions and workshops. The links page now contains links! Check out some of the places exhibiting my work, organizations I've worked with and a terrific arts web site.

Don't forget to look over the StudioWorks and PrintWorks pages since new work has been added. Things are often changing at Stay tuned to Emerging Artist for web updates and new works. Tomorrow I'll be posting another Coffee Hour Drawing.

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