Friday, July 27, 2007

Watching Artists Paint

Seeing an artist at work is a rare, mystical event. Though recently many galleries, art festivals and artists themselves are taking to the act in public. It's a great way to see what goes on from start to finish since few people have had this opportunity.

This weekend at Wired Gallery in Bethlehem, PA, you have the opportunity to see 5 artists at work painting from a live model. I imagine for this public show the model will be clothed. I have not personally painted from a live model in about three years so this is your opportunity to see a very rusty emerging artist attempt the figure from life. Its assured to be entertaining at the least. Hope to see you in Bethlehem and come for the Top Ten Reasons to visit.

Top Ten Reasons
to travel to Bethlehem this Saturday to
Attend the Opening Reception of ICON:
  1. View and Buy Contemporary POP Art
  2. Watch Jennie Paint
  3. See a Live POP Model
  4. Listen to Live Classic Rock
  5. Eat and Drink Free Food
  6. Meet Lots of Artists
  7. Attend Bethlehem’s 1st Annual Artwalk from 4 - 8pm
  8. Eat at one of Bethlehem’s Fine Eateries
  9. Shop Downtown Bethlehem’s finest Shops and Galleries for special sales and offers.
  10. Go to eDavid Gallery to view a limited public exhibit of drawings/prints by Artist, Edward Hopper

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