Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fine Art as Wedding Gift

Cones for Erica & Adam, 12" x 16", Oil on Mounted Canvas Paper, © 2007

Why not commission or purchase art as a wedding gift?

Artwork has the potential to be a very unique and memorable gift. As the wedding season is in full-swing consider giving the gift of art. Especially with many of today's couples getting married at an older age and having lived together as a couple, traditional gifts to stock up the house may not be necessary. This is a great alternative.

I've been painting some larger oil paintings for close friends and family as they get married and it is always a treasured gift. The above painting was completed last month and is six-months overdue for my sister-in-law who was married in December. Lee, my husband, built the frame. He does this only for very special gifts since he does have a full time job.

If you know the couple, commissioning a work could be a great approach. You could have the artist depict a scene from the locale of the couple's honeymoon, the locale of the destination wedding, a portrait of their new home. Or if you'd like to commemorate something from the wedding, a painting of the couple's wedding cake is a terrific idea. If you're interested in commissioning a painting, be aware that an artist may need about six weeks lead time to complete the work and get it to you.
Wedding Day III, 8" x 8", Oil on Panel, ©2006 - the Artist's wedding cake topper

Or, if you want to purchase a "ready-made" artwork, there are numerous small galleries and boutique shops all over the country where art is priced reasonably for a meaningful wedding gift. To find a gallery in your area, search the Gallery Guide's web site. Art at the Mill in Lafayette, NJ is a great gallery with affordable art and the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA is a fabulous boutique that even has their own wedding registry. Many artists make work that ranges in price so be certain if you like an artist's work but can't afford what you see to inquire further about other available pieces.

The idea for Erica and Adam's painting stemmed from their registry. They requested an ice cream maker on their list and the Goldberg family is known for their love of ice cream. As an engagement gift we bought them a waffle cone maker and cone stand to extend the theme. Naturally the painting of ice cream followed as the wedding gift.

Happy wedding season!

Contact Jennie if you'd like to discuss purchasing or commissioning a unique gift for your next wedding.

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