Friday, March 28, 2008

New Painting

I know, it's been awhile since I painted during my month-long residency in January. After returning home in February I've spent two months playing catch up, renting a new studio space and renovating it, and finding time in between to enter a juried show with a new painting, apply to a gallery, redesign all of my marketing materials and complete some commissioned works. Whew!

So, here's the work titled, Kitchen Altarpiece, finished on Tuesday and one of three entries into the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council's, Annual Skylands Juried Show. Last year I wasn't selected, the year before I won two awards. I'll let you know in mid-April the results of the jury process.

Kitchen Altarpiece (Triptych), 35" x 16 1/8", Oil on Panel, © Jennie Traill Schaeffer, 2008

I generated the idea for this work while at Peters Valley and had three panels which initially were going to be devoted to separate works, when I realized one of the panels was wider than the rest. Instead I thought to combine them in a triptych (three panels to make one painting), originally used widely in the creation of altarpieces in Europe. Continuing my iconization of kitchen wares I used a similar format to represent a grouping of tools from the 1940s.


poppy said...

Very cool

Cuccio said...

What I love most about this gorgeous painting is the juxtaposition of the electric stand mixer and the vintage hand-crank mixer. An avid baker, I often find myself torn between using newer appliances and just a good ol' wooden spoon!