Monday, March 3, 2008

Lunch Summit

from left, Jennie, Valerie Ellen Magro, Kathy Morawski, Renie Garlick (founder)

As an emerging artist, it's essential to network and get the support of other artists. Last year, three other artists and myself decided to start meeting monthly for lunch to help each other out with concerns and struggles of an artist. Coined by one of the artists, Renie Garlick, "Lunch Summit" we started meeting at local restaurants for hour-long lunches. It quickly turned into 4-hour long, three course meals, accompanied by wine at each other's homes.

Each of us has grown from the networking. Even more importantly we have become very good friends. We are all very different from each other through the media we work in, to our personalities, which is why we all get along so well. These gals have been integral in making the move to a new studio and developing my work.

Every emerging artist should have a lunch summit.

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