Saturday, August 18, 2007


From the wealth of responses that I got about my question of the significance of the gold shapes behind my wedding cake in the previous post, I had a tough decision. All of the answers were quite creative and thoughtful and nearly on. But, two were the closest and I've decided to give both respondents a 30% off certificate for their answers.

Congratulations to Rachel Jemison and Bob Kays. You will both receive a certificate via email.

Rachel answered, "my guess is that your cake is "sainted" and is a blessing on your marriage!"
Bob answered, "The gold shapes are [the throne] the king or queen to sit on. Or in this case a cake!"

You were both on the right track. Above is a sketch of a painting I saw at the Uffizi in Florence in March. The artist, like many others representing the Madonna and Child of the Renaissance, used gold halos and shapes surrounding thrones to signify the religious importance or status of the subjects. I am using the same technique to saint and enthrone my wedding cake!

Thank you to all who participated. I'm in the midst of lots of new ideas for paintings -- keep posted for more news and exciting stuff happening from now through the end of the year.

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