Friday, April 20, 2007

Glimpse of an Artist's Studio

Space for an artist is usually very intrinsic to their work. I've recently been toying with the idea of renting a studio space in the near future. However, as an emerging artist, I don't want the additional overhead costs of renting a location.
The size of my current studio limits the scale of work I'm able to produce. I recently painted a 48" x 24" canvas. Because the space is small, I had no way to get far enough away from the work to check what I'm painting. So, most of my work is small at the moment, which I'm more able to store, transport, and create better works.

For now and the past year and a half my 11' x 8' studio has been more than adequate. I have a huge Ikea book shelf that was used by my husband in his studio apartment when we first met. It's not in great shape, but it sufficiently stores my art books, magazines, and supplies. It's also a great organizer because it is made up of twenty sections.

I am currently teaching five students private lessons at the laminate table given to us by my mother-in-law. In the corner, I work at my easel and set my paints and brushes on a corner table Lee and I made for one of our old apartments. We retrofitted it with a second shelf where I can place tiles to dry.

Additionally, not pictured is a small area behind the door where I photograph my work. I've covered the wall with a black cloth and there are places around that area to position my tungsten lights (important for taking slides).

There is one window that faces North, which is ideal lighting in a studio; it's the most constant light all day. To supplement light, I rigged a track light that I use outdoors to my bookshelf. Plus I have an easel lamp clamped to my easel to give even lighting while I'm painting.

Eventually, I will need a bigger space, a space that is more public, accessible from the first floor. I don't have adequate storage for paintings and large paper, boards. Right now I have them stacked against the wall in my office.

My studio is a refreshing place with reference pictures, drawings, paintings covering the walls. The floor boards are painted a warm, olive green, the walls are white and the wood trim stained a rich Jacobean.

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