Friday, April 6, 2007

Blogging Again

It's been a busy few weeks since returning from Italy and I've had a difficult time sitting down to blog. So, I'm back since last writing on March 28th. You may be asking what has been keeping me. Well, mostly volunteering. I have been involved as a volunteer for the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council since I moved to Newton in '05. It's been a wonderful organization for exhibition purposes, education, networking, and to build some very amazing friendships. Being a member and volunteer of this organization I feel has been integral for me and would be an important step for any emerging artist.

I am the co-chair of the Skylands Juried Art Show and have been for the past two years. This year however, the show was planned with adequate time to properly plan it and thus it has taken a bit of a toll on my personal/studio time over the past couple of weeks. I spent most of this week designing the 32- page program and poster. It took much longer than anticipated.

It is finally completed and despite the frustration and interruption to my schedule, I managed to get a lot of my own work done this week. No, I haven't been disciplined with my Coffee Hour Drawings, but I got to a lot of goals that have been on my to-do list for weeks.
  • I sold a painting to a new customer through the assistance of my new "matchmaker". I will go into this in a later post.
  • I completed and shipped a set of four painted coasters to customers in Colorado. (Top right image - Bakery Display)
  • I framed three recently painted tiles for my friend's daughter's nursery. (Next three images - Pecora sul Roma, Pecore in Toscana, Pecore in Corinaldo)
  • I ordered supplies for new paintings and lessons.
  • I took on a fifth student for lessons.
  • I contacted prospective customers about work.
  • I went to an opening in Milford, PA to celebrate the first publication of BUZZ, a regional arts directory
  • I designed a banner for display in my tent at outdoor art fairs in May.
  • I started a painting of Newton's historic downtown.
  • I paid bills -- blah.
So, I guess I had a pretty successful couple of weeks despite the blip with Skylands. I'm glad to volunteer for such an important organization and it's fulfilling to know that my efforts are helping to develop the reputation of the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council. Plus the experience has taught me a lot about juried shows and putting together a large event. I'm glad the design process is complete and next week I can devote my time to painting again. I've ordered 12, 6" x 12" canvases with the intent of painting scenes inspired by my recent trip to Italy. Stay tuned!

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