Friday, April 13, 2007

Coffee Hour Drawing

Completed yesterday, this is yet another subject matter to be included in the twelve, 6" x 12" canvases I will be painting for next month's shows. This is a water soluble graphite pencil drawing of a display of gelato. I found this gelateria on the Ponte Vecchio and was astounded by the way the gelato is sculpted into a form. They almost appear to be fish heads with pouty lips. It's actually ice cream.

This photo of the drawing is not 100% accurate in its color. I use a 3.1 mega pixel digital camera to photograph a lot of my stuff for the blog, but I've never had great success with color matching and lighting in my studio with that camera. This is something an emerging artist must learn as digital media is overtaking the profession. The actual drawing is on a creamy white Arches paper, with darker pencil tones - this photo is too yellowy.

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