Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coffee Hour Drawing

Completed yesterday, this drawing is a small study for the 1st of a series of 12" x 6" gallery wrap canvases. I ordered the canvas early this week and am awaiting its arrival any day. Gallery wrap canvas is designed in such a way that the canvas is neatly folded and hidden in the back of the stretcher. It's a very clean, contemporary finish that does not need a frame, with 1 1/2" deep stretchers that can be painted.

Next month I am participating in two juried outdoor art fairs: Hoboken Art & Music Festival and the Bethlehem Fine Arts & Craft Fair. I did a few outdoor fairs last year without much success. They were great promotional venues, but did not generate huge profits. Last year I bought a tent so I decided to attempt another couple of fairs, higher end and hopefully more selective. The art fair scene is odd, each show very different in scope and each town also very different in its clientele. I don't plan on spending all year at art shows such as this, but hopefully I can find a few to fill in my gallery sales and get the opportunity to meet the clients personally which I always enjoy.

I plan in the next couple of weeks to paint 12 canvases with moments of Italy that I either photographed or remained in my mind. I have seen other artists successful at such shows because the works are smaller, the client can frame it how they wish or not, and they are a more affordable price point. I will keep you posted on how this emerging artist succeeds in sales of these works!

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