Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change in Hours & 4th of July

Starting tomorrow, I will only be open on Sundays through 4pm. I've found there is very little traffic after 4pm on a Sunday and no one but the restaurants are open. Additionally, starting in July I will no longer be open late on Thursdays, but rather on Fridays. The Main Street Newton organization has determined that Fridays are a better night to remain open, so I will join them. Thanks for your understanding.

And, in honor of Independence Day I will be closing TraillWorks from July 4th - July 6th. This was a tough decision to make, I am always one of the steadfast business owners on Spring Street who thinks we should be open just about 24 - 7 and need to be open holidays. At this point due partly to my pregnancy, the stress of running a new business location, and not yet determining how to hire an employee I need a weekend off. So I've decided to close my doors and take a relaxing weekend to rejuvenate myself.

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