Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eat Your Cake and Have it Too!

It's official, is now up and running! The long-anticipated site launched on Wednesday. Of course there will be some things to tweak as time goes by. In progress since January, the site features a gallery of original paintings of wedding cakes; testimonials by clients and colleagues; a page on how to order; news; a link to this blog.

You may be asking why paint a portrait of a wedding cake, but why not? After my first anniversary, I was going to eat my entire wedding cake topper by myself; it was chocolate and I am a chocoholic. Then I thought I really should paint it and came up with a conceptual series of paintings looking at the metaphor of the transformation of a wedding cake and marriage. Soon thereafter an article in the NY Times discussed brides finding new ways of preserving their wedding gowns by being photographed in the expensive gowns, post wedding, in unusual environments. The idea for Wedding Cake Portraits was born.

As wedding season approaches, consider a new and different gift for that special bride and groom that will be sure to become an heirloom of the 21st century.

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