Monday, May 19, 2008

The Art of Promotion

A friend of mine just recently dubbed me the queen of marketing. It was quite an honor for her to acknowledge my efforts. Most people who read the paper think the writers are putting together all of their stories and news, but that's just not the case. Newspapers and other media are hungry for information and most often willing to publish what you send them, given the information is newsworthy and pertinent to their market.

I've never taken a business class or a marketing course for that matter. I've read a lot and taught myself most of what I know; which in this media - savvy culture I feel is still only very little. And I have to mention, my husband did go to business school and worked in a marketing department for a couple of years; he's helped. But he would also be the first to tell you I do most of it myself.

Promotion is a very important aspect for an artist to get beyond an emerging artist. Most of us have to do it ourselves. Since moving to my new studio location, I spent a lot of time writing and submitting press releases about my upcoming grand opening and my studio. Though I haven't made a lot of artwork in the past four weeks, I've taken on three new students, sold 5 pieces of artwork, and have had two direct serious inquiries from potential students. Many of this is due to my press releases.

A local paper published my recent release on Thursday and both of the potential students' parents evoked such excitement at seeing that I'm teaching lessons in Newton. This was great, free advertising. I think a press release often has more power than an ad, the only downfall is it runs once. And, the paper has the right to edit it and I discovered they never included my phone number. One parent was going to have her husband drive by my studio to see if there was a brochure or more information. But then she realized the photo they printed showed the lettering on my window; she was able to make out the phone number. Whew!

I can't express enough the power of self-promotion.

Check back in a couple of days for some important new self-promotion.

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