Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally Painted Again!

Deadlines are a wonderful thing. I work better under pressure; some call that procrastination, I call it economy of time.

Since the spring I've been wanting to paint a group of tiles for my bathroom inspired by the dogwood blossoms at my parent's home. It's a tree that is so meaningful to me now as an adult. So many memories are tied to the tree. It grew up with me. It was there for every significant photographic moment. I miss this tree. Lee and I planted a dogwood sapling and to our dismay it did not take. Thus I must enjoy my dogwood through my painting.

Monday I sat down to finally paint the blossoms, spurred by the thought of people sitting in my bathroom at my open studio on Saturday with nothing to ponder. I developed two painted tiles - one 8" x 8" tile and a series of 4, 6" x 6" tiles in a horizontal grouping. Japanese Renaissance artist, H'onami Koetsu and Western painter, Vincent van Gogh inspired my composition and treatment of the subject matter.

Check back later this week to read about the Blank Canvas.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Open Studio

As usual, everything is running last minute.
I am somehow always finishing things right up to the deadline.
Why, oh why!

Saturday I've invited over three hundred people into my teeny tiny home and studio.
I decided several months ago to host an open house / studio sale to try to move some inventory and get clients more aquainted with me and my work.
This seemed like a likely step for an emerging artist.

Two of my friends are catering it for me.
I was considering hiring a cleaning service, but decided to do it myself.
Invitations were mailed later than I would have liked.
Only 14 people have RSVP'd (half of them are artist friends - great for support, but not likely to buy).
I'm banking on the assumption that people don't like to RSVP and I called the event an open house.

I am somehow going to manage the following before Saturday:
  • clean my house
  • finish two new tiles
  • finish a wedding cake portrait
  • start a new saints painting
  • make price labels for all of my work
  • set up displays
  • print more note cards
  • take slides of my student's artwork
  • follow up with customers
  • mail out calendar orders
I have these terrific lofty goals, but I find I always give myself too much to do and never finish my list of goals for the week. So, hopefully I will write again before Saturday to tell you more about my progress as well as other TraillWorks' goings-ons.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Great News!

I've been accepted to participate in a residency program at Peters Valley in Layton, NJ! On a whim I applied to their guest artist residency program to spend a month in part of an artistic community where I would have a private studio and lodging accommodations. Thursday, Rick Marshall, head of fine metals and special topics phoned to notify me of my acceptance.

This is a phenomenal artistic growth opportunity! I will be putting my lessons on hold for the month and dedicating all of my time to painting new works. Peters Valley Craft Center along with the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation will provide me with room and board, plus a stipend. I'm required to live there for the month. Now . . . I just have to figure out what to do with my puppy, Ringo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Fantastic Local Art Show Supports a Great Cause

Friday marks the 30th Annual Art Exhibition and Sale to benefit Sparta, New Jersey's Hilltop Country Day School. Each year area artists contribute about eight pieces each for display, along with portfolio pieces (unframed works -- either drawings, small paintings, or prints). Additionally, the school features one acclaimed artist to headline the show each year. This year's artist being Rita Baragona, an acclaimed artist of Columbia, NJ who paints flowers and gardens filled with luminous color and rhythmic strokes expressing patterns of change.

I found out about the Hilltop show from a local artist named, Carole Dakake, when I first moved to Sussex County two years ago. It was, I think, the first show I did in the county and I attribute it with really fast-forwarding my career. I made some sales at that show and more importantly, showing there and networking with both school professionals and parents have brought me even more clients and a strong reputation in the county.

It was one of the best career moves to do that show and so I will be participating again this weekend, showing many of my Italy-themed works.

From San Gimignano, Oil on Panel, 10" x 8", © 2005 Jennie Traill Schaeffer

Artwork displayed includes acrylics, oils, watercolors, graphics, pastel, mixed media, sculpture, and jewelry. 30% of all sales go to support the programs at Hilltop Country Day School.

Join me at the Opening Reception for Champagne and Hors D'Oeuvres from 7 - 10 pm on Friday, October 12th. There is a suggested donation for entry of $10.

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