Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally Painted Again!

Deadlines are a wonderful thing. I work better under pressure; some call that procrastination, I call it economy of time.

Since the spring I've been wanting to paint a group of tiles for my bathroom inspired by the dogwood blossoms at my parent's home. It's a tree that is so meaningful to me now as an adult. So many memories are tied to the tree. It grew up with me. It was there for every significant photographic moment. I miss this tree. Lee and I planted a dogwood sapling and to our dismay it did not take. Thus I must enjoy my dogwood through my painting.

Monday I sat down to finally paint the blossoms, spurred by the thought of people sitting in my bathroom at my open studio on Saturday with nothing to ponder. I developed two painted tiles - one 8" x 8" tile and a series of 4, 6" x 6" tiles in a horizontal grouping. Japanese Renaissance artist, H'onami Koetsu and Western painter, Vincent van Gogh inspired my composition and treatment of the subject matter.

Check back later this week to read about the Blank Canvas.

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