Monday, October 29, 2007

Open Studio

As usual, everything is running last minute.
I am somehow always finishing things right up to the deadline.
Why, oh why!

Saturday I've invited over three hundred people into my teeny tiny home and studio.
I decided several months ago to host an open house / studio sale to try to move some inventory and get clients more aquainted with me and my work.
This seemed like a likely step for an emerging artist.

Two of my friends are catering it for me.
I was considering hiring a cleaning service, but decided to do it myself.
Invitations were mailed later than I would have liked.
Only 14 people have RSVP'd (half of them are artist friends - great for support, but not likely to buy).
I'm banking on the assumption that people don't like to RSVP and I called the event an open house.

I am somehow going to manage the following before Saturday:
  • clean my house
  • finish two new tiles
  • finish a wedding cake portrait
  • start a new saints painting
  • make price labels for all of my work
  • set up displays
  • print more note cards
  • take slides of my student's artwork
  • follow up with customers
  • mail out calendar orders
I have these terrific lofty goals, but I find I always give myself too much to do and never finish my list of goals for the week. So, hopefully I will write again before Saturday to tell you more about my progress as well as other TraillWorks' goings-ons.

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Anonymous said...

Such a long list! I wonder how much my husband, Lee, will have to do.