Monday, January 22, 2007

Paris Salon

The NYU Small Works show is a true experience just to submit your work. Not run like most other juried shows in our age of computers; it seemed to be something out of 19th century Paris.

I'm glad I did it both for the experience and the opportunity. In order to apply I drove to Hoboken over a week ago, met my sister who would be telling me if I got into the show or not, took the bus into Manhattan and made my way to NYU. Fortunately I was able to carry around my paintings all day since they were under 12". The show does all the jurying from the actual work, so you either have to mail the work or bring it in person. I was an absolute nut about getting ready for this show as I was hoping to finish some new work in time. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so I submitted work from 2006 that has not been shown in NYC.

Getting prepared for a juried show can make a person a bit self-consumed. It's really no different than going for a job interview, but artists forget this and lose some composure. My sister was with me to drop off the work, we entered the gallery where there was a system in place of stations to register and then leave your work. Several artists were in the room with me and it was as if each of us were in our own bubble. With my sister there reminding me to be calm I tried to retain as much composure as possible. Many of the artists were so nervous, filling out all of the forms and getting their work where it was supposed to go, that they were placing their artwork on other artists' works! After witnessing several unnerving exchanges between a couple of anxcious applicants, I filled out my forms, submitted my paintings and breathed.

I waited a week for the jurying process to end and for my sister's phone call on Friday to let me know if my name was listed on the gallery door. Most juried shows call you or send you a letter in the mail. The Small Works show posts a 14 page list on the door, to which you have to go in person to read or be lucky enough to have a sister willing to do anything to help you get into a show. Luck was on my side last Friday and I received the call I was hoping for.

The show was juried by Jim Kempner of Jim Kempner Fine Art in Chelsea. Over 400 works were selected from about 1400. It's a large show with mostly one work per artist on exhibit. So you'll have to come to the opening to see which of the three works was accepted into the show. I look forward to seeing you there!

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