Sunday, July 24, 2011

TraillWorks Artist to Follow: Karin Lowney-Seed

Thank you to TraillWorks' intern, Ashley Allenfort, for interviewing Karin and putting together this month's "TraillWorks' Artist to Follow."

Karin Lowney-Seed is this month's [TraillWorks Artist to Follow]. Her work is on exhibit at TraillWorks through the end of the summer. Karin is a contemporary painter and interior designer who likes to use bold colors and shapes in her pieces. She uses words, flowers, collages, and a bright color palette to show her eye for beauty. When Jennie asked me to interview Karin I was especially excited about the opportunity. Karin was my professor at the County College of Morris during this past Spring Semester. To say that she was an inspiration would be an understatement. Karin helped our class look at art work and the art world in a different way. It was a great experience to be able to have a conversation with her outside of the classroom.

"Rose Water", Acrylic, 36" x 36", Karin Lowney-Seed, $2250

Ashley: You recently had a faux opening at TraillWorks to film the pilot for a new TV reality show. How did that get started and what will the show be about?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I was approached 8 months ago to film a pilot about my life and what I do. I've been doing interior design for years. I help clients in all aspects of life and guide them in the right direction. I was on another reality show on TLC and they wanted to explore that.

Ashley: What's the progress and when or where will it be available for viewing?

Karin Lowney-Seed: The working title is "Karin Clothes to Home" and it is in the preview stage right now. It will then go into editing in around September or November. So we won't know anything until the end of editing which should be sometime in the fall.
Ashley: How did you know you were meant to be an artist?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I have always been driven by anything creative. It's what gets me up and going. I'm never bored. It's a passion that won't go away.

Ashley: I heard you had an exhibit in Alaska with your sister. How was that? And what is your sister's medium of choice?

Karin Lowney-Seed: It was a great experience. The biggest challenge was getting the work up there and the expense. [My sister] is a sculptor. We were working together helping each other on our projects. I also put together some collages up there.

Ashley: Other than your sister and yourself, are there any other artists in your family?

Karin Lowney-Seed: My father actually was a sculptor and painter. But children and life kind of took him away from it.

Ashley: What artists inspire you?

Karin Lowney-Seed: Every artist inspires me. I am inspired by anybody why thinks outside the box. I am inspired by the classics like Matisse and Picasso. Also Robert Motherwell. There are too many to name.

Ashley: What is your process when beginning a painting? Is it spontaneous, planned, or a little bit of both?

Karin Lowney-Seed: Both, definitely both. I have a tendency to work tight and loose. If I work too tight it comes out too controlled. If I work too loose it's not controlled enough. I try to find a balance between the two.

Ashley: What got you started painting the roses? Do you have a favorite?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I always have a favorite and then the next one I create becomes the favorite. I've done these [circular flower patterns] for over 30 years in my work. It started out that I was working on something and felt instead of it being a part of the [background of the painting] it should be the [subject of the] painting.
"Fish Pond", Acrylic, 36" x 48", Karin Lowney-Seed, $1695

Ashley: Some of the writing in your paintings remind me of graffiti, was that intentional?

Karin Lowney-Seed: Absolutely. For me...I couldn't see a landscape and abstract it [in my mind]. It wasn't my thing. In Florida I was on the beach and wanted to be able to paint the water in a different way. I decided to write what I saw. I did 25 to 30 sketches and then I got it. I knew what I had to do.

Ashley: What inspires your choice of words for these paintings?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I write what I see. Its just words written over and over until it becomes a landscape.

"Believe", collage, 16" x 20", Karin Lowney-Seed, $225

Ashley: Do you create your collages around a single word within the piece?

Karin Lowney-Seed: No, I usually create them, see where they're going...they're thematic...poetic. They take on a poetic sense. Once they're done a word pops out and that's the only word it could be.

Ashley: How do you decide whether to do a collage or a painting to express your ideas?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I wouldn't say "decide"'s usually where I am in the process of thinking. Collages come from wondering where to go next. I'm not going to paint the same thing over and over. A collage will be the in between stage. I use collages to problem solve.

Ashley: What are you reading right now?

Karin Lowney-Seed: I just finished Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I'm halfway through Sarah's Key by Tatiana be Rosnay.

Ashley: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Karin Lowney-Seed: One thing that's world between interior design and fine arts had collided. I'm interested to see what's happened between the two. What's happening in the art...the materials and how I see things have become one with my interior designs.

Her work is on exhibit at TraillWorks, 214 Spring St. Newton, through the end of the summer. She'll be stopping in soon to swap in some newer work. Stop in a see what the buzz is all about!

"Suck", Acrylic, 36" x 36", Karin Lowney-Seed, $995


Anonymous said...

Karin's work in interior design and her art is always absolutely amazing. I'm excited to see where this new adventure takes her!

Jennie Traill Schaeffer said...

It is and we're excited to hear how the reality show pans out - I hope you'll stop in TraillWorks if you're local to see her work. It's up through the summer.