Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet artist Brenda A. Decker

Several weeks ago, my associate, Corrie Guddemi, suggested we do a Q & A  profiling the different artists exhibiting at TraillWorks for a monthly feature in our newsletter. So she took it a step further to write as a guest blogger. You might recall her post earlier this month on artist, Martha C. Hall. Without further, adieu, here's her interview with Brenda Decker:

Continuing with my Q & A with TraillWorks' guest artists, this month I'll be speaking with Brenda A. Decker, a very multifaceted artist. I decided to do this interview with Brenda after she brought in two very realistic paintings which were different than the abstract acrylic prints and paintings I was used to seeing from her. I hope you enjoy reading the back story behind this very intriguing artist. Thanks Brenda for satisfying my curiosity!

Corrie: Do you have any formal training in the arts/framing?

Brenda A. Decker: I'm a self taught artist. I've been creating art all of my life. I have studied with a few other artists, always experimenting with different styles and mediums.

Corrie: Do you have a preferred medium?

Brenda A. Decker: I prefer water based mediums like acrylics and inks. The acrylics are very versatile where as you can create with endless possibilities. The quick drying time allows me to paint multiple layers of color and texture.

 Composition 414, acrylic on wood panel, $1200, © 2011 Brenda A. Decker

Corrie: When did you paint “Graceful morning” and “Along the coast”? I couldn’t believe they were yours when I saw them, very different then the gelatin prints I am familiar with! Do you work in both styles at the same time, or do you go through periods where you focus on one way of painting?

Brenda A. Decker: Those traditional style paintings were done about two years ago. I work periodically, switching styles as to where my needs take me. Right now I'm in my
"contemporary phase" painting larger format abstracts with acrylics. I believe that next I will be printing gelatin plate monotypes. Although all of my styles are different, I approach them in a very similar manner. My inspiration for all of my work comes from what I see around me. A peaceful farm scene, colors in nature, an abandoned building, or just a feeling. The painting process starts with multiple layers of carefully chosen color. Then many hours of laboring over the right details, textures or elements, until I'm satisfied with the result. The gelatin prints are slightly different. The colors and design are loosely planned ahead. Since it's a monotype, you print once and marvel at end result.

 Along the coast, acrylic on canvas board, 9.75" x 14.5", $425, © Brenda A. Decker

Graceful Morning, acrylic on canvas board, 8.75" x 14.5", $425,  © Brenda A. Decker

Corrie: I really like “Telephony,” and noticed that the phone book page collaged into that piece is a listing of social service agencies, what was the intent/social message behind that piece?

Brenda A. Decker: "Telephony" of course has a telephone theme that started with the beautiful woman on the phone, collage element. The background is a listing of social services from a phone book. I feel that sometimes help IS just a phone call away. I believe there are people in need of help, and people that are willing to help. I try not to force any specific messages in my art. I would rather the viewer see the art and create their own feelings, making it more personal.

 Telephony, mixed media collage, 10" x 12", $325, © Brenda A.  Decker

Corrie: Is collage a new way of working for you?

Brenda A. Decker: I started collage many years ago with Jonathan Talbot. It's a fun process that simply lets me express myself in a different way. It also lets me recycle and utilize my cool found objects.

Brenda is currently working on creating her own website with the help of artist Jonathan Talbot, which will showcase her artwork. In the mean time, the work pictured here as well as additional pieces can be purchased at TraillWorks. To view more of her work, please continue on to TraillWorks'  Facebook page where Brenda has her own artist's album here.

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