Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I a Leading Mom in Business?

StartupNation, a web site for entrepreneurs, designed by entrepreneurs, is hosting its 2010 Competition: Leading Moms in Business, sponsored by Ladies who Launch and The National Association for Moms in Business. Mompreneur has been a popular buzz word in the past couple of years which has directed more interest in women who are launching businesses while being the full-time caregiver for their children. All of this flurry around mommy business owners has given a new interest in mommy-owned businesses, which I believe is due in part to the way this generation of moms (Generation X) were raised without limitations of career or personal goals. You can read more about "Third-Wave Feminism" which is not your mommy's feminism, where women can have their cake and eat it, too, through articles I referenced in a recent blog post. I think the competition is indicative of this movement and am appreciative of the attention us moms are getting.

The StartupNation competition is not limited to mompreneurs, but in order to enter you are required to be a mom and a majority business owner. That's it. So I fit the bill, now the question is do you think I'm one of this year's 200 Leading Moms in Business? You can read a brief business description and explanation of why I think I should be voted as one of the Leading Moms in Business. You can actually vote daily here. Thank you for your support!

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