Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome My Newest Addition to TraillWorks

I am pleased to announce that TraillWorks has hired it's first employee - Corrie Guddemi! With growth of my space, I felt it was time to bring someone on board to help with a variety of things and Corrie seemed to fit the bill.

Corrie comes to TraillWorks with quite a coincidental background. Corrie and I attended Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts (she as an illustration major and I as a painting major), studied abroad in Italy, and then graduated together in 2000. Though we shared so many experiences, we existed in parallel lives at SU, with only a few friends intersecting our circles.

Corrie lives locally in Sussex County and was looking for opportunities in the arts when she found me at a time when I was considering hiring someone. It wasn't until after she looked more thoroughly into my bio on my web site that she realized our connection. SU is a big school, and interestingly most of my friends were and still are illustration majors, but we just weren't in the same group.

Corrie comes to TraillWorks in a transition from the social work and teaching fields. She is a passionate, creative person with experience reaching out to special needs populations and an interest in getting back in touch with her art. Prior to the closure of Art at the Mill in Lafayette, NJ, she was beginning to exhibit her work. Corrie's current role at TraillWorks includes marketing, sales, and administration. She will be the new voice behind my monthly e-newsletter (I know it's long overdue), will write some press releases and hopefully sell some art! We are in discussions about the possibility of her teaching in the future, as well. You can expect to see her when you visit on Thursdays and Saturdays.

I'm thrilled to have her here, get some much overdue things done, get some new ideas, and to be able to go home early once in a while. That's going to take some getting used to (I felt a little guilty leaving 15 minutes early the other night). I look forward to introducing you to Corrie in person and to the growth of TraillWorks! Welcome, Corrie!

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