Thursday, December 18, 2008

Project Windows at TraillWorks

You've got to see the holiday windows at five merchants on Spring Street. Granted, all of the merchants on Spring Street have done stunning windows for the holidays, but five stand out. These five were the participants in the 1st Annual Project Windows, a Main Street Newton, Inc. sponsored event.

High school art students around Sussex county were matched up with merchants to design and install holiday windows interpreting the theme "snow figures". My windows I thought were just stunning. Newton high school student, Kim Grier, pulled together many elements of my work creating "applianceflakes" and an interpretive wedding cake.

Though Kim's windows did not win an award, I was impressed with her ingenuity and creativity in designing and installing the windows in less than two weeks. I absolutely love the stylized snowflakes depicting my kitchen appliances and how the wedding cake attracts attention with all of its glittery baubles and beads.

Thank you Kim for all of your hard work! Please stop by to see her windows in person.

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