Friday, February 22, 2008

Inspections and More Inspections

Part of opening a retail location is inspections and every municipality has them. Before I can officially open to the public, I have to get a certificate of compliance which means I have to fill out three forms, no big deal, write checks for about $50 a piece, a bigger deal, and then have a fire, building and sign inspection.

Ok, so I'll comply; why would I make this more difficult? Hopefully all will go well. Initially I had to get a site plan waiver in order to even hold my business in a storefront on Spring Street due to the zoning laws. They accommodated me with approval in two days. Not too shabby!

I'm still waiting to find out when I will get into my space which is dependent on the current tenant getting a certificate of compliance in his new space. I've been told next Wednesday. We'll see.

In the meantime, I've chosen paint colors from Behr due to the price point of the paint and I'm looking at furniture from Ikea for storage.
Gorm System by Ikea
Inexpensive, versatile and solid wood -
a great storage unit for an artist and a great price for an emerging artist.

Rejuvenate, Winter Garden, Celery Ice, Parmesan by Behr Paint

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poppy said...

VERY nice. I love the colors