Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 10 at Peters Valley

My home away from home at Valley Brook dorm, Peters Valley
This bed remained empty last night. I've been heavily conflicted over the past two weeks about whether or not to apply to some upcoming shows because the deadlines were this month. In an ideal world, I would have planned in advance and had the applications ready in December before I left, but December turned out to be full of sales and left little time for anything else.

So, I hemmed and hauled and decided that if I didn't apply to these shows, I would be up a creek for the next few months without exhibition opportunities. This is a time when a laptop would come in very handy. The reason I had to go home was to retrieve image files that I don't have access to at the PC at Peters Valley. I had intended to return to Peters Valley last night after I finished, but it was after 11pm and my husband was very nervous about me driving back so late. So, I remained home.

Hence, this morning I'm exhausted from rising early to get back here before the rooster crowed. Being at a residency so close to home definitely creates a bit of conflict in that you're not supposed to go home. In the future, if attend another residency, I hope to have a laptop to ease modern-day communication and so my career as an emerging artist doesn't take a step back while being away.

And, you've been waiting for the latest work while I've been chattering away:

Castrocielo Street #2, Oil on Canvas, 6" x 12", © Jennie Traill Schaeffer

Stay tuned for the last Italy painting of my residency, posting on Monday! Then it's onto bigger things . . .

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