Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did you say Zhee - Klay?

Yes, I did. Otherwise spelled as giclée, this new term in the art market is so confusing to understand as well as to pronounce unless you have knowledge of French. It is a French word meaning "to spurt". Giclées are a type of reproduction that is taking the art world by storm and replacing the production of lithography and serigraphy. To learn more about the process and product go to my web site: (I know giclée is spelled incorrectly and will change it as soon as I learn how.)

I have been producing giclées for about a year in the form of open edition note cards as well as full size paper and canvas reproductions. I am now working with a printer to free up my time to paint more. This is another vehicle in which to market my work as an emerging artist and I hope that it makes the work more attainable for more people.


Town & Country
(inspired by San Gimignano, Italy)

Limited Edition Giclée (1/100)
3/4" x 17 1/8"
Printed on Museum Grade Unstretched Canvas
Signed & Numbered
Certificate of Authenticity Included


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