Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On Titles

The Prelude: 'Spots of time'
There are in our existence spots of time,
Which with distinct pre-eminence retain
A renovating Virtue, whence,
... our minds
Are nourished and invisibly repaired
(Book XI, ls 258-278)

By William Wordsworth

I don't think I've ever had the honor to read a Wordsworth poem and I've never been one to pour over poetry. However, while researching how artists title their work, I came across an online community site for artists called Painter's Keys and on their main page was a letter by artist, Robert Glenn, titled "Spots of Time". It piqued my interest and started me on a search to learn more about Wordsworth.

I've discovered that Wordsworth was a naturalist living during the French Revolution who truly had an admiration for what he called spots of time, or moments mostly in nature when the mind is healed. So, what does this have to do with titles?

In planning for my upcoming shows, I have a new body of work that needed to be titled. Sometimes the titles flow, other times they are hard to come. Wordsworth's philosophy is very much what I've experienced in my life and attempt to put in a painted form. Traveling through Italy, my spirit and mind were calmed, soothed and awakened. One of the new paintings is a view of the Alt Arno (other side of the river). I didn't want to title it simply Alt Arno, because the location had more meaning to me. While living in Florence I had never been to this part of the river. This was a new experience of a city I spent so much time in, and my husband was there with me. After contemplating the emotional connection, I titled the painting The Arno Rediscovered.

My domestically - themed works have more conceptual titles that attempt to give a little more information to the viewer to decipher my slightly tongue and cheek representations. Though, I consider most of my works "spots of time" because I am so emotionally connected and changed by each work -- whether through the process of painting itself or the subject matter and meaning behind it.

I hope you'll join me on Sunday in Hoboken to see the works and titles of Emerging Artist. Good night!

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