Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Greetings from TraillWorks

2011 has been a year of growth at TraillWorks because of you; thank you for your continued support throughout this, my fourth year on Spring Street in Newton, NJ (7 years in business all-together)! I'm looking forward to exciting news and changes for 2012.
I'd like to acknowledge the many artists who have entrusted TraillWorks with the care and sale of their work, including: Brenda Decker, Martha C. Hall, David Ohlerking, Amanda Gordon Miller, Kristin Muller, Phylis Barfoot, Linda Finkelstein, Janet Howard-Fatta, Christine Marie Murphy, Heidi Lanino, Lisa Hirkaler, Ted Petrochko, Karin Lowney-Seed, Andrea Rosenfeld, Emily Bittner, Martha Traill Schaeffer, and Bernadette Blaney.
I'd also like to express gratitude to the many interns and employees  who have worked with me over the year.  You played an integral part in the positive developments at the studio and gallery. Thank you to Corrie Guddemi, Kassandra Talmadge, Ashley Allenforth, Tim Conkling, Alyse DiBlasio, and Janelle Ferraro for your hard work and commitment.
Finally, to all of my students, collectors, fans and supporters, I look forward to helping you grow creatively in 2012.  Experience the brilliance of handmade art at TraillWorks all year long.

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