Friday, June 17, 2011

Reasons for my Blog Absense

Mother Earth, Watercolor and Collage on Arches, ©2011 Jennie Traill Schaeffer
I'm sorry to all who enjoy reading my blog that I haven't been posting as frequently. I have a list of ideas for great blog posts, that just never seem to get written. And, there's good reason.

Business is great, number one - keeping me very busy with commissions, exhibits, lessons, and more. Plus with the growth of TraillWorks that has meant employing help to run it; more responsibility handling employees. But, on top of that, I've not been the same health wise, since having my son in 2008. A year into opening my business and having Joel, I came down with chronic sinus infections, vitamin deficiencies, mono, and then chronic pain in my head and face, which continues today.

I love my business, and I love being able to run it, continue to make my work, teach others, and spend my time with husband and son. But, stress and not balancing life has taken a toll on my body. I've been from specialist to specialist, finally determining that I likely have myofascial pain caused by stress and overuse and misuse of my body. Over the past year I've been taking baby steps to determine a cause and seek proper treatment. I owe a lot of credit to my sister, Allison Schaeffer, an AWESOME personal trainer at NYSC in Manhattan with guiding me along the way and helping with exercises.

Today I went to see a physical therapist in Morristown who specializes in the treatment of posture and facial pain problems. I'm relearning how to open and close my mouth - the simplest thing you would think. But, no, gradually over time I've developed very bad habits that in effect do not allow me to sit, stand, or even breathe properly. I'm learning to nurture myself, take one step at a time, breathe, prioritize, and take time off.

That being said, my working time after work has been virtually cut off. After getting up with my son in the mornings, getting him off to daycare, fitting in a workout a few days a week, spending the day at the studio, and then picking Joel up, dinner, bedtime, etc., working is just not much of an option. I cannot continue my old habits, my old way of life. As I heard someone say recently, I'm a recovering control freak. I'm learning to let go and live again, much as I see Joel doing now.

I'm on a new journey which I believe will lead in a much more positive direction. I hope you'll join me on that journey and see where I end up. Thank you for continuing your interest in all that I do at TraillWorks. Exciting things are coming up!

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