Friday, February 18, 2011

TraillWorks Student Saturday

Graphite drawing by June Nezamis
It's time for another Student Saturday post! A lot of artwork is getting completed and framed at TraillWorks in preparation for the annual student show, opening on March 12th. From 4 - 7pm the gallery will be bustling with students, parents, grandparents, and friends to take a peak at the works of these growing artists in a very professional gallery setting. Quite an honor for these students - children, teens and adults. Here's a link to an album of pictures from the 1st Annual Student Show held in June of 2009 at my former location on Spring Street.

There will be about fifteen students exhibiting, with each student including at the least one work, with many contributing two or more, depending on what they've finished and how long they've been taking lessons. Each student has been asked to write a reflective statement for each piece they are showing which will be on display explaining each work.

All of the exhibiting artists are asked to bring an edible sweet or savory that they've made for the reception. As part of the event, students and guests will have an opportunity to vote for what they think is the most artistically presented sweet or savory. All of the exhibiting artists are asked to bring an edible appetizer or dessert that they've made for the reception. Four prizes will be given to the winners: first, second, third, and an honorable mention. The winners of the contest will receive a gift certificate with the option of choosing either a lesson credit equivalent to a group lesson for one person, a gift certificate to Dick Blick Art Store, a gift certificate to a Spring Street business of your choice, or a custom cookie package from A Cake Dream in Randolph that features your artwork.

Please join us for an artistic evening to celebrate the accomplishments of these talented students. A recognition ceremony will be held at 6pm that evening.

In the meantime, here are some pics of recent student work, some of which will be on display for the exhibit.

Recycled Collage by Maddie Chymiy

Self-Portrait, Graphite by Will Somma

Sea Turtle, Ceramic by Will Somma

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