Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Share the Warmth of an Apron, and a Coat

Aprons have such strong memories attached to them and they have been the focus of my artwork, and Martha C. Hall's work that has been hanging in the gallery for the past month or so. Our joint exhibit, Two Sides to Every Story, comes down in two weeks, but before that happens, we planned an event for this Saturday that you don't want to miss . . . .

Tied and Released #3, Oil on Panel, 24" x 12", ©2010 Jennie Traill Schaeffer
The Daily Round, Collaged Quilt, 20.5" x 20.5", ©2010 Martha C. Hall

From 5- 8pm on Saturday, November 20th, we're inviting the public to join us for an evening of storytelling and apron sharing. We want to hear about your memories tied to your aprons! When our exhibit first opened back in October, I gave a lecture, which unfortunately is too long to share on YouTube and I know nothing about editing, but it focused on an overview of the history of the apron, and how it has affected woman's lives. It was so provocative to people that the audience lingered for quite some time sharing stories and interesting memories that had been lodged for years in their subconscious.

So, Martha and I decided to have this event to honor the women in our lives, give other's a voice, and learn more about the past and the present. We'll have a very loose format, since we've never done this before, as well as refreshments and wine.

In addition, we'll explain to attendees what National Tie One on Day is and how to participate. And, in the season of giving, TraillWorks will be collecting coats, hats, and mittens Saturday and through the 17th of December for the Gift of Warmth drive sponsored by the United Way and NJ Herald. For each person who donates, I'll extend them 10% off their next purchase at TraillWorks.

As Martha and I wrap up the end of our exhibit together, we'd love to share our work, learn more about your histories through your apron strings, and help others in need.

So, go ahead and "tie one on!"

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