Monday, February 8, 2010

Follow TraillWorks on its Relocation to 214 Spring Street

Several years ago when I participated in a residency at Peters Valley, I kept an almost daily blog of my experience there - creating artwork, developing friendships with the artists, and the events we held. I'm now in the midst of another major change in my career; moving my studio, TraillWorks, to a larger space. So, since I had so much interest two years ago, I thought I would track my progress, sharing the changes of the space as well as the ordeal of relocating a business.

Here's a taste of what's to come. My husband spent Sunday removing shelving so we would have more wall space to hang artwork. My son had a ton of fun running around the big empty space, playing hide and seek and trying to help Daddy. I'm hoping to get to 214 today in the snow to start spackling holes, so check back later this week to see my progress.

From Top Left Down to Lower Right - My studio area, main gallery taken from the
front, My son exploring mom's new space, View of the bay windows looking onto Spring Street

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