Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Big Announcement!

I am officially being represented by ArtQuiver, a sleek, new online gallery that is getting a lot of buzz. As of today my gallery is live and you can view it directly at www.artquiver.com/artist/jennie-traill-schaeffer/gallery. They are representing some phenomenal painters and I'm deeply honored to have been sought out by what looks to be a promising venture. ArtQuiver offers an incredible marriage between technology and art. You can search for artwork by style, price, medium, size, artist, color and popularity. If you visit an artist's gallery directly, you'll come to a virtual gallery which shows the artist's work on a virtual wall with lighting and scale of the work by including architectural features and people in the room. I'm just thrilled to be part of this new way of buying art.

And, to top it off, ArtQuiver is running a giveaway right now . . . when you become a fan on their Facebook page and write on their wall or start following them on Twitter you'll have a chance of winning a painting, valued up to $5000 (see rules for details)! So check out my new gallery and visit their blog for more info on the giveaway, maybe you'll win one of my paintings!

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