Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet the Mudpeople

Tomorrow is a BIG Day — it’s Book Launch Day for my friend Renie Garlick’s book: To Stand Under A Yellow Tree, Imagining.This story is an invitation to you from the mudpeople, personal yet not personalized; they know you, but not your name, not yet. (Renie says when you join them the mudpeople give you a new name...!)

They speak to you through your creative soul and call you to “Come out and play!” There will be magics and games, prizes and surprises and fireworks!
Go to:

It’s a Story Telling Festival! And it begins here, now:
To Stand Under A Yellow Tree, Imagining. Imagine balloons and flags and ribbons snaking in the winds above a sunny field! And you! Yes, you, too!

Pick up the book today and be part of these festivities. Put on your Artist Party Hat! Bring your friends and family and meet us by the river on the muddy banks! We have saved a place for you there!
Join us at:

PS Hey! Feel free to forward this invitation along to anyone else you think ought to know about it. THANKS!

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