Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming to Terms with Daycare

I tried for five months to juggle Joel, my son, at the studio and have finally come to terms with the fact that it doesn't work for me. I know lots of moms have businesses in their homes and are able to balance babies / work, but having to pay the rent and keep hours is different, plus finding focused time to paint. I really struggled with the question of daycare since I was fortunate to be raised by a stay at home mom. But, after talking to a few working moms who've done daycare I saw the benefit of it both for Joel and for me. I will be a better mom when I'm with him because I will be fully with him. And at work I will be fully at work. I already feel much calmer and ready to face the day, but look forward to him coming home tonight. So we'll see how it goes and in the meantime I have to get to work on a wedding cake portrait commission for next week. This change in care for Joel should mean more painting, so check back on the blog for new work. 

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