Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Mixed Blessing

Wedding Cake Portrait Commission, In-progress, 6" x 6" ceramic tile

I am so grateful that in such a tough economy TraillWorks continues to grow and do well. In the first few months of 2009 I nearly filled all of my available lesson slots, sold a painting and received two Wedding Cake Portrait commissions. All of this while adjusting to life with a four month old. Up until this point, with the help of two wonderful moms (mine and my mother-in-law) and husband, Joel and I have been managing the workload together.

Now as more commissions come in, and my marketing and painting time have decreased I see the need for more help. I'm looking into all sorts of daycare options, from a college helper to actual daycare facilities. The entire prospect makes me feel very torn; sending him to someone else to care for him while I develop my artwork seems almost cruel on one hand.

On the other it's an opportunity for him to develop socially and eventually appreciate that his mom was able to run her own business (I hope). The success of TraillWorks is a mixed blessing for me and my new family, bringing new challenges and opportunities. I'd love any advice from moms who are artists!

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