Thursday, October 23, 2008

Newark Open Doors '08

It is so important to network with other artists and arts organizations; you never know what may come up. I've developed and maintained a relationship with Peters Valley since my residency in January through both the store / gallery and the director. About a month ago, Jimmy Clark invited me to exhibit artwork with Peters Valley's display in Newark's Open Doors going on this weekend.

At the time he asked me I couldn't quite commit as I had a lot of artwork in flux and was preparing for a show. Though, after a recent exhibit I had two large paintings that couldn't be incorporated in my current gallery setup and I realized the Newark Show would be the perfect venue, as well as a great opportunity.

Here's the info if you're going to be in and around Newark this weekend:

Newark Open Doors '08
October 24th - 26th
Peters Valley will be at 482 Washington St. (during DD)
Friday: 5pm–10pm, Saturday: 4pm–6pm
Sunday: 12 noon–6pm

You can spend the entire weekend touring galleries and temporary exhibition spaces in Newark. The Newark Arts Council has put together a phenomenal site dedicated to the event. For detailed information about Open Doors '08 visit the Newark Arts Council web site.

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